Entry #6

About expectations, judgements, and criticism

2017-02-24 03:14:57 by nomubiku

Let go of expectations that your music has to sound a certain way.  Forget about judgements that you are not good enough.  Step to the side and let the criticism that says you can't do it pass on by.  Come back to happiness.  Come back to the joy of creativity without judgement or expectation.  It exists there within you.  Love your music.  It's worth it.  Trust that you don't need to be harsh on yourself to make something worthwhile. The happier you allow yourself to be with your creative ability, the happier you will be with the things you make and the faster you will improve without even realizing it.   I don't need to tell you to go make something amazing.  You already do.


(let me know if you need tough love and I'll write an aggressive version)




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