I feel like an ass

2017-02-23 22:34:52 by nomubiku

For anyone who might come along and read my posts or my reviews, I often feel very passionately about the potential to help people in some way and I write a lot of stuff and then I feel very foolish.  But I leave what I wrote in the hopes that my idiocy might prove useful or at least entertaining to someone else.  Hopefully useful.  :)  I don't worry about miscommunicating when I write music, I'm totally confident in my intent.  But when I write like this I worry that I get too lost in my head and become full of myself and that is a drag.  Lost in my own inner echo chamber.  I worry that I get in my own way of trying to be helpful.  It's tough for me to figure out how to be confident and humble and friendly and mindful in my writing.  I feel stupid because I read what I write and I wonder who I think I am to write like that.  I wonder if I am an idiot to imagine that someone would find what I say useful/helpful.  Despite the tone of this post, I want to be light and friendly and informative and entertaining.  For this post I’ll settle for clear and honest.  Cheers!



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2017-02-23 23:49:22

From the reviews I've seen, it looks like you've received positive responds from the artists. I'm assuming this post is simply addressing your humility and questioning whether or not you feel like you deserve the right to critique other works. I could be wrong on that impression. I probably am. Still, if you have an opinion, most are happy to receive it (positive or negative). The thing that really bugs people here are scores without explanation. This is especially true when it's two stars and there's no feedback to justify it. A few don't take criticism well, but, for the most part, whatever you're worried about posting will probably never be half as bad as providing nothing at all. You took the time to type up something in response their work. Helpful or not, most appreciate the effort alone.

nomubiku responds:

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. My post wasn't about the interactions I've had with people here at all. Aside from a couple hiccups when I first started posting (I posted a video that wasn't allowed), everyone has been pretty awesome. I totally get how people feel about bad rating with no explanation. It's frustrating. If I can't take the time to explain why I give someone less than 5 stars, then I don't rate. I actually don't rate less than 5 stars and I want to always leave comments if I think there is room for improvement and I might be able to help. The last thing I want to do is discourage someone. My post was really an admission about how self conscious I am. How insecure I am about my words and the way I present my thoughts. Also, it's uncomfortable to me to open up my mind to people too much. I feel like I share too much. But I also feel like if it might help someone, then it's I can accept the discomfort.