Thinking about doing a weekly post series on creating music...

2017-02-21 23:52:43 by nomubiku

I'm seriously thinking about doing a weekly series on creating music.  It’s about how to be happier and more satisfied with your musical creativity. It’s not about your DAW and plugins or which style or genre you do. It’s about creative techniques that have helped me to be much more confident in and satisfied with my music.

If you want the quick tldr and are a self starter, I’ll tell you my “secret” is to write lots and lots of music with  as much total abandon and fearlessness as you can muster.  If you do that you are going to discover the things I want to write about plus tons of your own techniques and tricks and become an amazing producer.  You know, “practice, practice, practice” and all that.  

However, if you go that route, I have two pieces of advice for you.  

First, don’t waste time creating “practice” songs or uploading “test” songs or parts that “need work” unless you just want to throw some paint on the canvas and see what shape it takes.  In my opinion that opens the door for substandard creations or at least creations you will feel that way about in the back of your mind.   Learn to be confident that your creativity is worth your joy and happiness, excitement and acceptance.  

Stick with an idea until it is “finished” or you are satisfied if you never find your way back to it.  Every song you create is the best you have to offer at that instant and that's awesome, you should be proud of yourself!  You should have faith that you always put your best creativity and skill that you are capable of at a given moment into what you are creating. I will admit that I have occasionally uploaded a “work in progress”.   So far I have not gone back completed those works.  Too many exciting new ideas! And that brings me to my second piece of advice.

Ideas.  Be an idea machine.  If you turn off your inner, unhelpful critic, you may find that you are a wellspring of ideas.  If you are not worried about how bad or stupid or weak or annoying an idea is, I hope that you will find that your idea mechanism becomes free and ideas will just flow constantly and endlessly.  Don’t worry if it sounds like this or that.  Don’t worry if it’s not your style.  Don’t worry if it’s similar to something you’e done before (some idea shapes become stylistic glue). Just grab ideas and go. If you are still worried after reading that, I’ll say that when new ideas consume you, you can pick and choose what you will bring to life and let go of the ones that are just not as exciting or evocative to you.

Just do that over and over all the time as much as possible. :)

If you want still want to hear what I’ve got to offer, I think I’ve got some useful techniques and tools for creating music and I think they might actually be useful to other people I look forward to sharing them.  Cheers!


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