Entry #1


2017-02-21 00:35:07 by nomubiku

Just got off my ass and hooked up my monitors, which have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust, to help improve my mixes.  Well, the struggle is real.  I want it to sound good across a variety of listening devices.  Not too much high end, not too much low end, thick pronounced non-grating rhythm synth sounds.  Punchy, fat drums.  It's tough!  I've produced a ton of tracks mixing on small speakers.  I mean embarassingly small.  Not because I had to, but because I just want to focus on composition.  

Then I started realizing that I was pushing too much bass to compensate and it was overwhelming the rest of the music on bigger speakers.  I was so lost in composition that I totally overlooked common sense.  So I started mixing in headphones in addition to the small speakers which no doubt helped immensely.  Now I've that I've decided to add these monitors to the mix (no pun intended), there's even more variation in what different frequencies are emphasized across my listening devices.  

These monitors totally favor low end and where I have them situated favors low end and at first it sounded totatly boxes and boomy with a murky high end.  But after tweaking and adjusting both the monitor controls to try and flatten them out and the mix  level and eq and going back and forth between headphones and small speakers and monitors, I'm starting to calm down.   I just want to do my best to ensure that no matter where someone tries to listent to the music I make, that they'll hear as good a representation as I can squeeze out of their listening device.  Sometimes I feel like I'd rather just embrace whatever poor mixing style I have than risk making it worse.  Ignorance is bliss right? The devil you know is better than the devil you don't?  

I know what's really important is to remember what I'm trying to do and why I've been sitting at my computer all day.  Because I love making music.  The core of music making is what is most important to me.  Melody, harmony, rhythm, riffs, arrangement; that's the meat.  That's where I live.  That's where the foundation is laid and the body of thoughts and emotions is expressed.

And once I'm comfortable with where a song is in those terms, then I can use the tools at my disposal to attempt to give myself and whoever may listen to it the best experience I can.  Then I can put the icing on the cake.  And I just have to trust that I will always produce the best that I'm capable of and everytime I do it with confidence and keep an open mind, I will improve at it.



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